Piers Morgan Mocks Daniel Craig For How He Carries His Baby

Piers Morgan was hit with an avalanche of responses from men and women, addressing how men 'should' carry babies.

Morgan has mocked James Bond star Daniel Craig for wearing a baby carrier, leaving fathers everywhere unimpressed.

The Good Morning Britain host shared an image of Craig carrying his daughter on his chest with a baby carrier.

"Oh 007... not you as well?," he wrote on Twitter.

The comments about the 50-year-old actor and his daughter sparked criticism across social media, with men posting comments supporting Craig as a father. Many also posted images of themselves with their children in baby carriers or prams.

In fact, Morgan's original post attracted over 15,000 comments, most of them in support of fatherhood being masculine.

Even Morgan's co-host Susanna Reid threw her support behind fathers that use baby carriers.

Despite the backlash, Morgan stuck to his views, posting this to Twitter hours later.