NSW MPs To Launch Spill Motion Against Premier Berejiklian

Gladys Berejiklian has been asked to resign, as three NSW state colleagues prepare to launch a spill motion over the controversial bill to decriminalise abortion.

Vocal critic of the bill, Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies, along with upper house Liberals Matthew Mason-Cox and Lou Amato announced they were prepared to move the motion on Monday night.

"We have respectfully and consistently requested the Premier to urgently intervene to restore proper process by stopping the fact tracking of the Abortion Bill," the MPs said in a joint statement.

"These requests have been rejected."

"We have come to the conclusion that the right course of action is not to leave the Parliamentary Liberal Party but to hold the Premier to account for presiding over this shameful process."

"We have also been alarmed by the Premier’s continued failure to address the impasse in the Legislative Council which has slowly ground the Government’s legislative agenda to dust."

According to the statement, Berejiklian was presented with four key amendments  "required to the Abortion Bill to ensure continued membership of the Liberal Party room".

These included a prohibition on sex-selection abortions, proper medical care for aborted babies born alive, protection of conscientious objection rights for doctors and allied health professionals, and stricter regulation of late-term abortions.

The amendments were not accepted, the MPs said.

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The MPs are due to move the motion on Tuesday morning.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro called the spill "ridiculous" on social media, hinting that the Nationals' coalition with the Liberal Party could be at risk if Berejiklian were removed.

"Our coalition agreement is with Gladys and any move would be a dumb move," he tweeted.

MPs began tweeting their support for Berejiklian shortly after news broke of the planned spill motion, which comes just six months after the Premier's historic election victory.

The bill to decriminalise abortion is due to come back up for debate in parliament this week, more than a month after it passed the lower house 59-31.

The draft legislation would allow terminations up to 22 weeks -- and later, with the consent of two doctors.

Pro- and anti-choice advocates clashed over the weekend, as both sides staged protests on the streets of Sydney.

Former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott were among speakers at Sunday's anti-choice rally.

More to come.