'Someone's Getting Pregnant': All The Reactions To Abbie And Matt's Infinity Pool Pashes

Ahem, so things got pretty hot and heavy on during Abbie's hometown visit on Thursday night and the response has been next level.

There's no doubt Abbie and Matt have a lot of sexual chemistry going on. But when Abbie took Matt to Brisbane, things got pretty raunchy for a 7:30pm time slot.

When Matt complemented Abbie on her high waisted leopard print bikini, she took the opportunity to tell him: “It keeps falling off and my nipples keep coming out. Ideally I would just be topless right now.”

And look, Matt didn't even try to pretend there was going to be more talking than pashing going on because we know... that wasn't going to happen.

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“There is a whole lot more there with Abbie, and we know that, but we haven't seen each other for a while, we're in a pool, scantily clad, we're gonna be making out,” he said.

Once they hopped into the infinity pool, the making out was pretty instantaneous, quite like the reaction to the steamy scene online:

But it didn't end there. Abbie and Matt then attempted to have massages but instead ended up, yep, you guessed it, pashing a bit more.

Only this time there two two uncomfortable masseuses watching them.

Pray for the masseuses...

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Featured image: Network 10