Man Documents 24 'Missed' Proposal Moments Without Girlfriend Noticing

Everyone loves a good 'surprise' proposal story, but one man appears to have taken the cake, pushing the limit to how many times he can risk his future wife seeing her ring before actually asking the question.

After spending more than a month carrying the ring with him at all times, in the hopes of finding the perfect moment to propose, Edi Okoro, who describes himself as a "spontaneous improviser" decided to start documenting all his  "missed opportunities".

Okoro began finding every chance he could to show his girlfriend, Cally, the ring, without really showing her.

And he documented it all. Over a series of 24 "daring" photographs that have since gone viral on his Facebook page, Okoro can be seen holding the ring up while his girlfriend is, in the kitchen, carrying her bike up the stairs, brushing her teeth and even paying for something at a store.

Facebook: Edi Okoro

Okoro also hid the ring among other jewellery, and in one nail-biting photo, placed the open ring box on top of his girlfriend's back while she lay in bed scrolling through her phone.

But perhaps the best photo of all shows the ring placed in Cally's hand while she slept.

Facebook: Edi Okoro

"Those who have gone through this .... you want to propose in a way that speaks to you as a person and couple," Okoro said, sharing the unique proposal Facebook.

"Some plan a flash mob, a fancy meal, or even arrange a marry me sign. I couldn’t do this because “Edi doesn’t plan” .... I’m a spontaneous improviser," he said.

"This made it even more of a challenge because Cally knows this, and the moment I planned a holiday or meal she would have clocked on to what I was about to do."

And of course, as all good 'surprise' proposals go, the couple are now happily engaged and Okoro claims Cally was none the wiser to his cheeky photo idea.

While the pair haven't shared the story of how the real proposal went down, Okoro said he did eventually tell Cally about the photos a few weeks later.