Did You Know You Should Be Cleaning Your Sex Toys?

Here's how to make sure your toys are spick, span and ready for action ...

Here in Australia, we buy more toys per capita than America or Europe.

Astounding, right?

That means there's a lot of buzzing going on in bedrooms around the country.

And with that buzzing comes, well, some bodily contact. And -- ahem -- sometimes more than that. So. You really should think about cleaning them occasionally.

Well actually, you should clean them "after use." And  -- if you're really hygienic -- before.

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"It's probably no surprise that sex toys need cleaning after every use in order to keep playtime safe and hygienic," online retailer LoveHoney sexpert Jess Wilde told 10 daily. "After all, they're designed to come into (very) close contact with your body and bodily fluids. And whilst bodily fluids themselves aren't dirty, left to fester, they can destroy your toy and make play unsafe. Bodily fluids + time = bacteria (the nasty kind)."

You see, even if you're just using them on yourself you run the risk of bacterial vaginosis or UTIs. Add in a partner and you're also at risk from STIs -- because if an STI can be transmitted through sex, it can likely be transmitted through sex toys and bodily fluid transmission.

HPV is the most common STI transmitted through sex toy use with a partner, although herpes simplex virus (or HSV), chlamydia, and gonorrhoea can also be spread.

So. How do you wash them? It isn't hard. Unlike the... oh never mind.

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According to Wilde, it's pretty easy to keep things clean.

"Which method you should follow for cleaning your toy depends entirely on what it's made of (and whether it's waterproof or not)," she told 10 daily.

"Fortunately, cleaning your sex toys is pretty simple. For most toys, you only need hot water, a good quality sex toy cleaner and a clean towel or paper towel."

"To clean, rinse your toys before spraying them with something like Lovehoney Fresh Sex Toy Cleaner $19.95 . Leave the cleaner for 30 seconds before cleaning any stubborn or hard to get to areas, and rinsing the cleaner off with warm water. You can then leave your toys to dry on sheets of paper towel, or if you're in a rush, hand dry them with a clean towel."

Other methods for cleaning sex toys include submerging the toy in boiling water -- not recommended for anything motorised or battery-operated, but your standard silicone dildo can withstand a good dunking.

"If you're cleaning realistic feel sex toys," added Jess Wilde, "after your toys have dried, sprinkle them with a renewer powder like the THRUST Lifelike Renewer Powder. This will counteract that tacky feeling, keeping your toys feeling soft and supple. Don't use talc or baby powder, as this can damage them."

If you're totally sexed up and play with toys regularly, you may want to invest in a cleaning system like the UVee Go Play, $119.99 --  a "sex toy sanitising system" that promises to kill up to up to 99.9 percent of all harmful germs that may cause infections in only five minutes.  And here's a bonus -- it recharges them as well, all while locking them away from prying eyes.

To ensure your toys are kept in tip-top condition follow these simple steps From Jess Wilde:
  • "If you want to wash your toys in the sink, make sure they are waterproof, otherwise remove all batteries/ electronic parts. Alternatively, you can use a biodegradable wipe to make things a little easier."
  • "If you do wash them in water, make sure you check that any soap you use doesn't contain any perfumes or oils, as these are often too harsh and can damage your toy."
  • "Make sure your toys are 100 percent dry before putting them away (to prevent any bacteria growth)."
  • "Always clean your toys before and after use -- this will keep you and your toy, in great working condition."

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