'A Woman Is Demanding I Pay Her Back For 'Art' My Daughter Broke, But I Refuse'

Is this woman out of line for declining to pay for something her daughter broke while she was at an open house with her parents?

That is the question a woman posted to Reddit after she began receiving calls from "house owner demanding she pay her back".

The woman explained she comes from a small town and went to a local open house with her husband, who have one child and are looking at expanding their family.

She said she attended the open house about a week ago, when her four-year-old daughter "wandered off and picked up this mask type thing laying out on a table."

We don't think many more people will be welcomed so openly into the woman's home. Image: Getty

The woman said the item was bright, very loud and "apparently VERY fragile" adding that it was right out in the open despite the home owner knowing she would have a large volume of people through her house.

"When I saw her touching it [her daughter] I told her to put it down but it was too late and somehow it had gotten cracked down the middle," she wrote.

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The woman questioned whether or not the item was in fact already broken and some sort of "trap" had been placed for a visitor to fall into.

"Who leaves something bright like that lying around during an open house, with children walking around?" she questioned.

I felt extremely embarrassed and grabbed my daughter and told my husband it was time to leave.

The woman explained she was then outed by a "so called friend of hers" who knows the house owner and told them she saw her rushing out the door on the same day she came home to find the mask broken.

"Now she's hitting me up on the phone demanding I pay her back for breaking 'art' and naming an absolutely ludicrous price (think four figures)," she wrote.

I'm absolutely not going to pay her that, but a few people I know think I'm in the wrong here.

The woman said she doesn't think she is in the wrong given the woman left her valuable items out during the open house and that she should have put them away somewhere safe.

She added she doesn't believe the item is worth the amount of money the home owner is suggesting it is. Image: Getty

"I think there's a very good chance she broke it herself then left it lying around to pin it on someone else and guilt some money out of them," she concluded, finally asking: "Whose the a**hole here?"

The post has since garnered a huge response, receiving close to 5,000 comments, with the majority believing the mum is in the wrong for refusing to pay for what her daughter broke.

"You were in someone's home and it was on you to watch your kid. Otherwise, whatever she breaks is your responsibility. Get a toddler harness or something," wrote one commenter, who then asked: "Also, why did you just leave without even trying to apologise?"

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A number of commenters added it was unlikely the woman set up the situation as a trap and that she should take responsibility for her child's actions.

Many thought the fact the woman did a runner was also a sign she inherently knew she was guilty and is setting a bad example for her daughter.

Do you think she should be paying for the broken piece of art?

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