The Boost Juice Investor Who Lost $18 Million Over An Engagement Ring

Janine Allis has made a fortune as the founder of Boost Juice.

But she also has a number of investors from the business' early days that she shares her profits with. Yet on Tuesday, the current 'Australian Survivor' contestant told a story on radio that makes you want to whisper 'ouch' at the missed business opportunity.

While appearing on Hughesy & Kate's radio show, the 54-year-old explained an early business investor missed out on a life changing chance when he sold his shares in Boost Juice right before it started to fly.

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Janine said that his reason for backing out was so he could use the funds to purchase his girlfriend at the time an engagement ring, as she said that many of the company's early investors with executives from the Hit Network.

"My husband worked here, so when we first started it was a whole lot of radio guys who got together to fund Boost Juice," she said.

Dave Hughes then took the opportunity to probe Janine further about it.

"Is it true one of them sold his shares to buy a diamond ring, an engagement ring, for his girlfriend, who eventually... they're not together anymore?" Dave questioned.

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Janine confirmed the backing out of Boost Juice occurred because of the pending engagement ring purchase, but said the couple in question are 'still together'.

"That's probably the most expensive engagement ring ever purchased in Australia," Dave joked in response.

Janine was careful not to share any further details of the unnamed person but did mention that he is a 'very generous man'.

Dave laughed at the idea that the radio executive had missed out on a $30 million investment when Janine corrected him, stating it was actually more like $18 million.

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"She's worth it, she's worth it," Janine added.

Regardless of the amount, we're glad the decision ended in a marriage if nothing else.

Featured image: Instagram