Lisa Wilkinson Slams Double Standards Of Trolls Bullying Abbie Chatfield

The Project host has hit back at comments on social media about Bachelor runner-up Abbie Chatfield, saying their attitude "belongs to the 1950s".

Wilkinson  took aim at the "mean girls mentality" when replying to a commenter who suggested Abbie deserved all the hate directed her way because she "knew what social media was like before even going on the show".

Under a photo posted on Instagram with Bachelor Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod from Friday night's episode, Wilkinson replied to a commenter, saying, "Whatever you think of these shows, no-one deserves the next-level nastiness, the threats of violence, the vicious pile-on, and the mean girls mentality that has gone on around her -- both on and off the show -- just because she decided to run her own race.

"She found him -- and he clearly found her -- sexually attractive. That was caught on camera".

But judging her, and not him, for taking part in an attitude that belongs to the 1950s. Abbie is, clearly, heartbroken, and not the tough cookie she tried to portray in that final episode, so let's all be mindful of that, at the very least.

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During an appearance on Studio 10 on Friday morning, the day after the finale aired, Abbie revealed the extent of online abuse she has received.

"I've been getting a lot of horrible DMs," she told the hosts.

Image: Abbie getting teary on Studio10

"I've got a few threats of violence, saying -- 'Your mother shouldn't have had you' -- those sort of things just hundreds of times a day."

When Abbie appeared on The Project later that night, she further elaborated on how she's holding up.

"It's been a really, really rough morning," she said.

"There have been a few instances that have been tough."

The instance she was referring to was a run in with Matt Agnew and winner Chelsie McLeod at NOVA studios that same day, where producers pointed out to Abbie that Matt and Chelsie were sitting in a booth directly behind her.

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Host Hamish Macdonald asked Abbie how she felt about the incident, to which she replied, "I've always thought what would I say if I ran into Matt if I was in Melbourne...and then to have him sitting right behind me during an interview live on radio was really hard not to just burst into tears.

"But I think I held it together okay considering the shock."

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Despite the hate, Abbie has remained positive and told The Project things were getting better with time. Photo: Network 10

When asked by Lisa about how she's been able to get through the trolling online, Abbie revealed she has had help from a close friend who monitors her Instagram account and deletes particularly bad comments.

Describing her group of friends as "strong, intelligent, Feminist women", Abbie revealed that she had been shocked by the reaction to her online.

"I think there is a problem with confident women," she said.

Earlier on the show Matt Agnew weighed in on the hate Abbie has been experiencing.

"It's, to put it bluntly, pretty disgusting the comments that are being slung around," he said.

"I think people forget this isn't a character you're slinging comments, this is a real human person. The words, they land, and they hurt and people just need to kind of... you would never say that to someone's face."

Matt and Chelsie From The Bachelor

"She stayed true to herself and I'm still really good friends with Abbie," Chelsie was quick to add.

"She doesn't deserve any hate to come her way."

Feature Image: Network 10