'The Loop' Celebrates 400 Episodes: Scott And Liv Reflect On Their Fave Moments

From their fave celeb guests to their most embarrassing moments, 'The Loop' hosts Scott Tweedie and Liv Phyland reflect on their favourite memories as they celebrate 400 episodes.

Can you believe 'The Loop' is celebrating a whopping 400 eps?!

In celebration of the milestone, Scott Tweedie and Liv Phyland will be throwing a spectacular celebration this Saturday, 21 September from 9.00 am.

Speaking about the show's birthday, Liv said: “We have given people all across Australia a soundtrack to their weekend… 400 weeks in a row. When you think of it like that, it’s pretty cool."

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“For the first 200 episodes, I had 'The Loop' with Scott and Ash, playing in my lounge room to start my Saturday morning. So, to have hosted the show alongside Tweedie for the following 200 Saturdays has been pretty surreal. Bring on the next 400!”

Scott added, “To get past episode one was an achievement, episode two an honour and now episode 400! I have literally spent 25% of my life on 'The Loop' (eight years out of 31) -- I don’t think I was shaving when I started back in 2012!“Not a day goes by where I feel like I’m working, I count my lucky stars every episode. Thanks for the good times and many more to come.”

In preparation for the festivities, join us on a walk down memory lane with our hosts as they reminisce about the most memorable moments from our fave music TV show.

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Favourite Memories

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"Our specials we put on where we theme the entire show, whether it be '80s, '90s or Movie Soundtracks," Scott began, adding, "For me personally, I like shows where things go wrong, or where we play subtle jokes on our viewers!"

Liv added, "My fave moments are literally the ones where I just break down into hysterical laughing fits for no reason and struggle to get through the show. Big shoutout to a patient crew!"

Favourite Interview

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Despite so many celebrity guests to choose from, Scott's favourite comes in the form of popular Aussie DJs, Peking Duk.

"Those boys are wild and they give such good interviews -- we can literally do anything with them and they’ll have us laughing our asses off -- which is why we keep inviting them back on," he said, adding, "Shannon Noll is also a great sport and a good friend of 'The Loop'."

As for Liv, "Dua Lipa -- because she wore a bucket hat and still looked cooler than I ever will."

Most Embarrassing Moment

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"Liv pranked me on April fools a couple of years ago, pretending she was sick and Denis Drysdale was filling in," Scott said. "Throughout the show, Denise was doing everything she could to derail me. It worked. I was shaken up big time."

Liv added, "Where on earth do we start? I manage to humiliate myself somehow in every episode... but probably the time I fell through the floor and short-circuited our set... Which meant we couldn't film the rest of the show!"

Most Awkward Interview

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"I'd just like to take this moment to remind you of that time Scott Tweedie introduced Snow Patrol -- as COLDPLAY... in front of them!" Liv said.

Scott added, "Yes, I called Snow Patrol Coldplay, which we all know are lightyears apart. Gary Lightbody, the lead singer of Snow Patrol nearly fell off his chair laughing -- followed by a lot of f words because he’s Irish."

He added, "It was the 4th time I’d interviewed the lads, so we had good banter but he did all he could to make sure I regretted the stuff-up."

The Celebs They Were Most Surprised By

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"Katy Perry," Scott said. "She was so lovely behind the scenes. I was lucky enough to interview her all around the country for live appearances in each capital city. I thought she would be high maintenance but she was so engaging and really gave every interview 110% - and loves her fans!"

Liv said, "Rag'n'Bone Man. I thought he'd be tough and intimidating... but he is like a big teddy bear. Sweet and slightly nervous!"

The Loop airs on 10 Peach, Saturday mornings from 9am.

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